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Sijo Abdul Mutakabbir

The Founder and Director of SWAM Martial Arts, Sijo Abdul Mutakabbir boasts over 40 years of teaching and training. Considered to one of the legends of Martial Arts and a member of the Black Belt HOF, Sijo is one of the most highly sought after instructors on the planet. His system SWAM Martial Arts is an acronym that stands for (among other things) Strong Wise Achieving Mind(s).

SiDaGoo Dr. Odette Russell

Wife of Sijo Abdul Mutakabbir and Grand Master of the SWAM system Sidagoo (Mother of SWAM) has taken her teachings from her husband the the next level. Boasting 4 black belts and having accepted over 37 awards for her martial expertise Sidagoo is revered and recognized throughout the martial arts community.

Professor Kinyumba Mutakabbir

Son of Sijo and Sidagoo, Professor of SWAM Martial Arts, Diciple of Shaolin, and critically acclaimed actor Kinyumba Mutakabbir brings a plethora of knowledge in the space of spiritual alignment. He is also a former pro athlete and has a unique system designed to get your heart racing all while you sharpen you martial skills.

Professor GM Andre Glenn

Military trained, weapons specialists, survivalist, and creator of the dynamic 360 Kombat System, Professor Grand Master Andre Glenn is a true Martial Arts expert. Proficient in Blade Weapons arts from all over the world, Sambo, Combat Ju-Jitsu, American Wrestling, Goju Karate, Firearms Tactics, Street Fighting Tactics and Conventional and Unconventional Warfare Tactics. Professor Andre Glenn is also a consultant for personal escort and security services.

Dana Fares

A true believer in the transformative relationship between mind and body, Dana founded Yoga Before Coffee in 2017, with the goal to spread the benefits of yoga and healthy eating. In one short year, she has garnered over 15.9K+ followers who tune in daily for her yoga, wellness, and self-care tips. A lover of yoga since the young age of 15, Dana’s commitment to the practice earned her the award of “Best Yoga Instructor” by the publication, Chicago Reader in 2014 . She incorporates the philosophies of balanced and sustainable living into her everyday life.